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Updating Persons on Church Dashboard

Before you begin entering leaders, please carefully review the written instructions here. It will be helpful to have a printed copy of the written instructions in front of you as you watch the video. Contact your district office with any questions.


Communication with Local Church Officers is key to our connectional ministry. Churches are asked to provide updated Local Church Officer contact information to the data base at the time of their annual fall Charge Conference.

Your Church is only asked to enter information about laity serving leadership roles in your church and your lay staff members. DO NOT INCLUDE CLERGY information when inputting your church’s leadership.


Please include contact information for each person. The preferred contact information is a person’s home mailing address; phone number and email.


Finally, avoid creating multiple records for the same person. Once a record of a persons name and contact information exists you DO NOT have to enter that information again – simply assign that person to leadership positions he or she will serve.


Warning: If you are typing the name and address of the same person multiple times you are creating multiple records!


Required Leaders - by Discipline and Florida Conference Standing Rules printed in red.

Calendar of Reports Due


For a list of reports due, please click here.