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Florida Annual Conference

June 8-10
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 Possibly, your church is planting a fall garden to support church meals or the needy in your community.  Or, you are planning a reuse campaign to gather everyday discards to be repurposed by a special church ministry, a community educational program, a clothes closet or some other need.  My church is planning our second annual photo contest that requires people to get out into nature and share their best nature photos.  
These are a few of the types of things for which the Florida Conference Creation Care Task Force wants to recognize your church and other churches.  Any ministry of your church may find ways to practice creation care. As this calendar year ebbs, check out info about our task force church recognition program at http://www.flumc.org/creationcarechurchrecognitionplan  Also, as your church makes plans for the coming year, consider how easily you can minister to others, save church funds, and proclaim the glory of our Creator and God; and that our task force wants to recognize you for your leadership in being good Christian environmental stewards.
Grace and Peace,
Mark Johnson
Florida Conference Creation Care Task Force


Calendar of Reports Due


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