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First UMC Port St. Lucie

There are immediate openings for a choir director and organist at First United Methodist Church, Port St. Lucie. These are two separate positions. Job descriptions are attached. Interested applicants should mail their resume to gladys@pslfumc.com.

Job Description
Title: Organist

Job Summary
Responsibility: The Organist shall coordinate activities and selections of music with the overall program of musical leadership of the church. Appropriate music shall be selected for the liturgical year in consonance with the musical presentations of the Director of Traditional Music.
Job Controls
Supervisory: Responsible through the Director of Traditional Music, Senior Pastor and to the Staff-Parish Committee and/or delegation of authority by direction of the Staff-Parish Committee. Supervisor discusses the overall objectives of the church music program; expects independent decisions on matters pertaining to the music program; assists in decisions on matters of musical support; and reviews accomplishment of objectives.
Major Duties
1. Plays at all regular and special services. Arranges for a substitute as necessary in
consultation with the Director of Traditional Music and/or the Senior Pastor.
2. Accompanies all rehearsals as scheduled by the Director of Traditional Music.
3. Plays at all weddings and funerals. If unavailable, arranges for substitute.
Consults with parties for selection of appropriate music for the service. Separate
fees for the service will be as determined by the Trustees.
4. Conducts periodic evaluations and reports through the supervisory chain the
condition of and any required repairs or maintenance for proper upkeep of the
5. Performs other duties as assigned and deemed appropriate by the Director of
Traditional Music, the Senior Pastor and/or the Staff-Parish Committee.

Job Description
Title: Director of Traditional Music

Job Summary
Responsibility: The Director of Traditional Music shall promote adequate musical leadership in the church; cooperate with other educational enterprises of the church in teaching persons of all ages our heritage of song and the meaning of worship as it uses music and other arts both traditional and contemporary; and shall encourage wider use and understanding of the arts.
Job Controls
Supervisory: Responsible to the Senior Pastor, the Staff-Parish Committee and/or the delegation of authority by direction of the Staff-Parish Committee. Supervisor discusses the overall objectives of the church music program; expects independent decisions on all matters pertaining to the music program; assists in decisions on policy and precedent making matters; and reviews accomplishment of programs for overall effectiveness and conformance to objectives.
Major Duties
1. Manages and coordinates the music program of the Traditional Services of the church
with consideration given to the overall theme of pastoral sermon topics, special events
and/or church seasonal rituals.
2. Serves as consultant to other church groups planning and presenting special music
3. Administers the expenses of the music program budget in consultation with the
Work Area on Worship.
4. Develops and implements the year round music program for all worship services.
5. Directs all chancel choir rehearsals and performances for either or both services.
6. Makes the selection of music in consultation with the Pastor.
7. Selects and directs special music for holidays and other special services in consultation
with the Senior Pastor.
8. Develops and conducts an active recruitment program for all music personnel.
9. Responsible to secure volunteers to act as substitutes for absences of any music personnel.
10. Develops and administers an organized effort to assure the cleaning of choir clothing;
the tuning and upkeep of musical instruments as needed.
11. Ensures the choir and Director wear robes at appropriate times.
12. Performs other duties as assigned and deemed appropriate by the Senior Pastor and/or the
Staff-Parish Committee.

Roseland United Methodist Church is seeking a Praise Team & Worship Leader, a part time position (10 Hours a week). The individual will report to Senior Pastor and Chair of Staff Parish Relations Committee.
The Praise Team & Worship Leader will provide excellent weekly worship experiences on Sunday mornings and special occasional church services focusing primarily on the Praise and Worship Service at 9:00 a.m. but assisting as needed as Worship Leader/Pianist for the Traditional Service at 11:10 a.m. Duties also include one mid-week evening rehearsal of instrumentalists and vocalists, work on the worship planning team, and administrative tasks such as PowerPoint slide preparation if needed.
Candidates must have a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, the Great Commission and the Church; a call to ministry through worship and music; strong leadership skills; and the ability to work comfortably in a changing environment and to learn and teach constructively alongside others.
The selected candidate will have relevant experience in all aspects of praise and worship planning and implementation including band leadership and will be able to demonstrate mastery of vocal and instrumental (preferably guitar or keyboard) performance. The selected candidate will also have proven skills in leadership, communication, and scheduling.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume and references to:
Or mail to:
Attn: Staff Parish Relations Committee
Roseland United Methodist Church
P O Box 157
12692 Roseland Road
Roseland Fl.32957
Key Characteristics:
A Christ-like spirit of acceptance, warmth and conviction
The ability to work as a team player with staff and Worship Team.
A role model for children, youth and adults seeking to grow in their Christian faith.
Ability to equip volunteers to serve in music ministry.
Experience in directing praise and worship music
Administrative and organizational skills
Proficient on keyboard/piano
Proficient in site reading
Must submit appropriate references and background checks
Familiar with PowerPoint slide presentations
Access to a computer and the internet
Familiar with music and video websites
Planning, selection, rehearsing and directing of music, liturgy and scripture for praise and worship services and special worship services as requested by the Pastor.
Work with Senior Pastor and Worship Committee in planning worship services.


St. Mark's UMC

St. Marks UMC, Indialantic Fl, located on the beach in Melbourne, is seeking a Part-Time Youth Director that will continue to improve and grow our already vibrant Ember youth ministry.The qualified Youth Director will be a mature Christian with a calling and passion to minister to youth in relatable and authentic ways.The Youth Director is responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of age appropriate youth ministry programs providing spiritual growth through worship, discipleship, mission, outreach, and leadership development. She or He must have excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills as well as a strong knowledge of current multi-media and social media formats.The Youth Director will be a part of a comprehensive ministry team that works with the Pastor to further integrate youth and their families with our community of faith. An understanding of United Methodist theology, a Bachelor’s degree in a related field, and relevant youth ministry experience is preferred. Please send resume or inquiry of job description to Pastor Richard at richard@stmarksa1a.org .



















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